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MapleStory v.84 Update Notes

New Content!

· Dragon Master Evan

o Players can now play as an Evan and deal devastating attacks with the help of the dragon Mir.

o Brand new zone for Evan with quests.

o New, exclusive Evan quests

o See your dragon change and grow as your levels grow.

o Evan specific rewards and content.

o Brand new abilities that open up over the span of 10 growths (similar to Job advancement)

For more information about Evan, click here.

· Episode 1 Content

o Episode One content is available to the new Evan class.

o Evans will take on the route of the Magician.

· Neo City

o Content for players who are level 120 and up has been added to Neo City.

o 3 new maps containing 2 new bosses.

o Each new boss has a chance to drop new items!

o Players in groups of 2 or more can enter the new maps.

New Features

· Party Registration System

o Players can access this menu by pressing the ‘O’ key

o Party leaders can now recruit members to join their party by posting a notice in the Party Registration System

o Players looking to join a party can browse the posted party listings in the menu.

· General Mau

o Players who are level 30 or lower can now buy weapon and armor from General Mau.

· GameLauncher

o Running the MapleStory.exe will now take players to the Nexon website.

o Running GameLaunching.exe will allow the user to choose between direct launch or web launch.

· Party UI and Trade UI

o The party UI and trade UI has changed to be more streamlined.

New Cash Shop Items

· Evan Premium Package.

o Preview the Evan item set by participating in the Evan Launch Event.

o Equipping all of the items in this package except the wand will produce an exclusive effect.

o Items from this package have no expiration date, therefore permanent.

For more information on Evan Package, click here.

· SP reset items are available to Evan. You must be an Evan in order to see these items.

· Evan Mastery Books are now available in the Cash Shop. There are several packages to choose from.

o Depending on the package each one contains 1 of 3 mastery books; Magic Guard, Magic Booster, and Critical Magic.

o Magic Guard is the first book available at level 30, followed by Magic Booster, and Critical Magic at level 60.

o Without the mastery books the player cannot bring Magic Guard, Magic Booster, and Critical Magic past skill level 5.

o Each package contains a bonus coupon to trade in for weapons, scrolls or both!


Magic Guard Package 1
Magic Guard Mastery book and Wand Magic Scroll 60% coupon.

Magic Guard Package 2
Magic Guard Mastery book, Staff Magic Scroll 60% coupon and Circle-Winded Staff trade coupon.

Magic Booster Package
Magic Booster Mastery book and Wand Magic Scroll 60% coupon.

Critical Magic Package
Critical Magic Mastery book and Staff Magic Scroll 60% coupon.

Critical Booster Package 1
Critical Magic Mastery book, Magic Booster Mastery book, and Wand Magic Scroll 60% coupon.

Critical Booster Package 2
Magic Booster Mastery book, Critical Magic Mastery book, Staff Magic Scroll 60% coupon, and Arc Staff coupon.

For more information on SP Reset items and Mastery Books, click here.

New Gachapon

· New scrolls to go with Evan’s Dragon Glasses

· Evan exclusive equipment.

· New Dragon Chair to coincide with the Evan Launch.

· Limited edition Easter Basket Chair.

· New armor and weapon scrolls.

For more information on Gachapon update, click here.


Everyday Evan Event

· Event runs from 3/31/2010 to 5/4/2010

· Players that are level 13 and higher who log in during the event will receive an egg from Cassandra. Holding the egg for an hour will cause it to hatch. Once the egg hatches users will receive the Evan’s Paper Box as a reward.

· There is a chance to win in game and offline prizes!

· Consuming the Candy Twirl players will turn your character into an NPC from a random list.

· Evan’s Paper Box also has a chance to drop a quest item that completes the Onyx Dragon Treasure Chest quest.

Evan’s Paper Box

Onyx Dragon Footprint

Adolescent Onyx Dragon Horn

Onyx Dragon Footprint

Onyx Dragon Scale

Onyx Dragon Footprint

Onyx Dragon Horn

Candy Twirl

· Players can receive one of the following items after completing the quest to get an Onyx Dragon’s Treasure Chest.

Onyx Dragon’s Treasure Chest

Maple Staff

Maple Lama Staff

Maple Shine Wand

Maple Wisdom Staff

Scroll for Wand for Magic Att. 100%

Scroll for Wand for Magic Att.60%

Scroll for Wand for Magic Att. 10%

Scroll for Staff for Magic Att.100%

Scroll for Staff for Magic Att. 60%

Scroll for Staff for Magic Att. 10%

Dragon Egg

Baby Swing

- Offline prizes

- In-Game prizes

For more information click here.

Evan Levelup Event

· Event runs from 3/31/2010 to 5/4/2010

· When your Evan reaches milestone levels, you are presented with prizes.

o At level 20 you receive Dragon’s Blessing.

o At level 30 you receive a pair of Dragon Glasses

o At milestone levels of 50, 60, 80 and 100, the player will be rewards with a scroll. These scrolls can only be used on the Dragon Glasses.


Level 30
Dragon Glasses

Level 50
60% Scroll, all stats +1

Level 60
60% Scroll, all stats +1

Level 80
30% Scroll, Att +1, Magic Att +2

Level 100
30% Scroll, Att +1, Magic Att +2

For more information, click here.

Evan Trailblazer

· Event runs from 3/31/2010 to 5/4/2010

· Evans who have reached level 10 and has completed their 1st job advancement can start the quest “Newbie Evan”.

· Players collect drops of Evan’s Sweat and turn it in to Cassandra to earn medals.

· At the 5th level of the quest, the player has a choice between Evan’s Trailblazer Medal or Evan’s Eternal Trailblazer Medal.

· New titles!


Confused Evan Medal
5% EXP bonus and 5% potion discount
3 days

Beginner Evan Medal
6% EXP bonus and 6% potion discount
7 days

Confident Evan Medal
7% EXP bonus and 7% potion discount
14 days

Elite Evan Medal
8% EXP bonus and 8% potion discount
21 days

Evan's Trailblazer Medal
10% EXP bonus and 10% potion discount
60 days

Evan's Eternal Trailblazer Medal
Magic Attack +1

For more information, click here.

Evan Launch Event

· Characters levels 17 and over can talk to the Maple Admin to receive a gift!

· Every level you gain from 17 on will earn you a gift from the Maple Admin; your final gift is received at level 21.

· The full set grants you a special bonus!

· Players who decide to keep the set can purchase a permanent version from the Cash Shop.

Evan’s Gift

· Level an Evan to 30 before April 30.

· Your highest level character on the same account will receive a prize on May 5th!

Item Name

1 Scroll for Glove for Magic ATT 60%
Improves magic attack on the glove. Success Rate 60%, magic attack+1, INT+1

1 Clean Slate Scroll 1%
Recovers the lost number of upgrades due to failed scroll by 1.

1 ElectroJuice
Gives +50 Magic Attack for 10 minutes.

2 Chocolate Cream Cupcakes
300 HP & MP, and gives +30 Accuracy, +30 Speed, and +30 Jump for 3 minutes

100 Melting Cheeses
Restore 4000 HP

For more information, click here.

Bug Fixes and Changes

· Vicious Hammer now has certain restrictions.

o Accounts that have no characters over level 30 in a world cannot buy Vicious’ Hammers.

o Accounts that have characters over level 30 in a world can use Maple Points, Nx Prepaid, and Nx Credit to buy the Vicious’ Hammer

o Accounts with characters of any level in a world can buy Vicious’ Hammer using Nx Prepaid.

· The quest Bartol’s Request is no longer available to players.

· A fix was put in place to prevent players from using the Pharaoh’s Blessing outside of the pyramids.

· Every NPC which recharges Subi Throwing Star will also recharge Paper Fighter Plane.

· The Command book for the Baby Tiger was added.

· Kino Konoko’s quests are once again available.



New Content

· Episode 1 Revamp

o The quest flow has been smoothed out so that it’s more accessible to more players.

o Level restrictions on certain quests have been removed.

o Item drop rate for mid bosses and final bosses have been increased.

o EXP reward for each quest increased substantially.

· Dragon Rider PQ

o Content designed for characters Lv. 100+ in groups of 3 or more.

o Characters of all jobs are welcome.

o Players are limited to 10 entrances per day.

o Ability to fly freely and battle epic monsters.

o A chance to receive epic loot if you have the skills to defeat the final boss, Dragonoir!

o Characters that meet the level requirement can start their adventure by talking to Chief Tatamo.

Click here to see more information about the Dragon Rider PQ

New Items

· Durability Items

o Rare items that drop from the new Dragon Rider PQ reward boxes.

o Items can be repairs by NPCs in various towns.

· Tablets for durability items.

o Works much like scrolls, but can only be applied to items with the durability stat.

Click here to see more information about Durability Items

New Cash Shop Items

· Two new lovable pets named Mir and Ruby

o Dragon Egg Shell hat for Mir and Ruby.

o Fireball; Favorite food of dragons.

Click here to see more information on Mir and Ruby

· Dragon’s Twin Egg

o A dragon egg that contains various items. Get a chance to double the prize by having the option to duplicate the won item!

o Look for the auto start quest when you get in game.

o Quickly travel to the dragon’s nest to get your eggs by using the Dimensional Portal.

o Purchase the egg incubator to reveal the prize hidden in the dragon eggs.

Click here to see more information on Twin Dragon's Egg Incubator

· Platinum Scissors of Karma

o Use this item on the new durability items to allow trading once.

· 5th Anniversary Confetti: Show other Maplers how much you love the 5th Anniversary by throwing confetti on the map that you are in.


Cake vs. Pie

· An epic event that pits cake lovers versus pie lovers. Talk to the Maple Admin to be assigned a side.

· Summon your mighty faction boss when enough cake/pie pieces have been turned in to your faction leader.

o Attacking your faction boss will heal it, but the opposing faction’s attacks will hurt it.

o The more cake/pie pieces you turn in the more insignias you’ll receive when the battle is over.

· Being the winner has its benefits...for 3 hours! So grab your Proof of Victory and show your pride.

o 20% discount on certain items in your faction controlled towns.

o 50% EXP bonus for hunting around the towns controlled by your faction.

o Access to a mini dungeon in the town controlled by your faction. Look for the entrance near Pie Lord Tiara and Cake Boss Daniel.

· Don’t worry though there are no losers in this event! Even if you aren’t on the winning side you’ll still be awarded an insignia if you helped your faction in the cause by turning in cake/pie pieces.

· Use insignias to purchase fabulous prizes from faction leaders.

· Event limited medal with cake or pie border depending on your faction.

Insignia reward based on turn ins

Bonus EXP maps.

Five Year Reunion

· Take a trip back in time and revisit old villages. Starting on 5/5, a new repeatable quest in the participating town will be available. Each new week the town will change until you get to the town of Ereve.

· The second week will feature a departure from the repeatable quests and instead will test your knowledge of Maple World. Answer the questions correctly to complete the quest.

· For the last week (Rien), players have the choice of repeating all of the previous weeks' quests.

Monster Portraits

· An event that takes place from 5/5 to 6/15.

· Depending on your level you’ll receive one of 3 assignments.

o Orange Mushroom Portrait.

o Octopus Portrait.

o Yeti Portrait.

· Hunt monsters near your level to get watercolor paint drops. Then apply the watercolor to the canvas until the monster appears in full color.

· Receive a gift box for turning in the completed picture.

o Use the reward from the gift box to buy Maple Weapons, armor and scrolls from the Maple Admin.

Maple Weapon

· Event runs from 5/5 to 6/15.

· Maple weapons are back! The old favorites are making a return and can drop randomly from monsters.

· Use Maple Leafs to upgrade the weapon by purchasing scrolls and trading them in to get the next tier.

5th Anniversary Rings

· Event runs from 5/5 to 6/15.

· Anyone who is there during the 5th anniversary will be receive a ring.

· Exclusive bonuses for wearing the bling.

o Welcome Back Ring increase party bonus EXP by 80%. So go grab some friends and go hunt!

o Mapler Ring increases drop rate by 1.5 times.

· Exclusive 5th anniversary effects.

· Rings have a duration of 30 days.

Weather Effects

· Event runs from 5/5 to 6/15

· It’s raining cats and…buffs! At set times in all major towns across Mapleworld the sky will be raining buffs for 30 seconds. Wait for the happy anniversary message to appear and players who stay for the full duration will receive a longer 1 hour buff.

· Be there at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm sharp, everyday.

Click here to find out more info about the 5th anniversary event.

Bug Fixes/Changes

· Guild BBS works once again.

· Buccaneers should no longer experience a delay when using skills in transform and super transform states.

· Users should now be able to back out of the View All Character screen.

· Cash Shop packages can now be gifted.



New Content

- Quests

o Cassandra’s weapon rental. Talk to Cassandra when you reach level 20 to rent some sweet weapons for your character’s class. Anyone can participate in this limited time offer. Weapons last 7 days.

o You Are the Hero of Maplestory: For characters that reach level 10 and completed their first job training they will receive a gift from Cassandra. Subsequent milestone levels of 20, 30, 40, and 50 your Explorer character will be eligible for a quest that reward an additional gift. So get out there and level up!

o Attracting Tourists to the Golden Temple: A Golden Temple is said to exist follow this quest to discover where it is. Minimum level to